Shibori Surprises!

Shibori is the Japanese word for fabrics that have been stitched, (bound, knotted, clamped, tied) with thread, (marbles, rubber bands, wooden blocks) and then dyed. No matter what you do, the results are always amazing!

Yesterday I taught a shibori class in my house. We started in the dining room. The ladies had a fun time learning many techniques to bind the cotton fabrics and wondering what they would look like. Then we moved to the kitchen where they mixed colors and immersed their fabrics into the dye buckets. We ate lunch while the magic was happening.

The best part always is (think of your birthday when only you get to open gifts!) the unwrapping. Rubber bands, threads and even marbles were flying. I really enjoyed directing the mayhem. Here are some pictures so that you can share in the fun as well!


….became this!


Wrapping, wrapping, wrapping with thread or dental floss…

turns into lovely spider webs!


Folding and tying –


Washers and paperclips –


Isn’t it all such lovely fabric???

Inquiring minds want to know –  what will they do with it???

3 thoughts on “Shibori Surprises!

  1. A wonderful way to spend a winter Saturday, with friends learning the art of Shobori. We unwrapped such amazing surprises. Can’t wait for our next class.
    Thanks Debbie.


  2. This is wonderful. I just did my first dyeing experiment yesterday–a mandala and a spiral. They’re still wrapped in plastic until this afternoon. The wait is killing me! I got interested because I wanted a special backing for my tumbling stars quilt. If my first experiment fails, I’m going to try Shobori! Actually, I’m going to try it even if I’m happy with my first attempt.


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