Chinese New Year 4709, maybe!

As we dig out from the drifting snow, I wanted to send you these cheerful and happy images! February 3 begins the Year of the Rabbit, although there is a difference of opinion about what exact year it is! Whatever the year, Chinese all over the world are celebrating.

People born in rabbit years are outgoing and like to be in groups. They are interested in learning about others and are homebodies. They are also creative and compassionate.

Are you a rabbit? 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951, 1939

The rabbits above are from my little collection and are actually Japanese. One is ceramic, one is papier-mache and the big one is made from kimono fabrics. Doesn’t she have the sweetest face?

These two cuties are pins, also made of kimono silk. Japanese quilters are very skilled at making these tiny sewn items.

This is a needlepoint rabbit that I stitched many, many years ago. She is waiting to be sewn into a pillow for the guest room bed. Perhaps she should be added to the to do list!

And below is a banner that the Japanese might hang in their house to celebrate Autumn.


Happy Year of the Rabbit to everyone. I hope it’s a calmer, quieter year than the Tiger year was…

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