Heart Treasures; tis the season

I have always loved heart-shaped things. Perhaps it began on Valentine’s Day, many, many years ago when each year my father  gave “his girls” some bit of heart-shaped jewelry. In the spirit of the season, I am sharing some heart images with you.

Here are some trinkets from my present day jewelry box.


This heart began as an idea in my head that I finally had to make. I machine pieced a wonky log cabin background of pale, pale fabrics.Then I fused fabric shapes together and cut them out in the shape of a fat heart, which is fused on the background. The leaves are cut out of a batik fabric and fused as well and the flower and button add a bit of dimension. The whole piece is hand quilted with little swirls and beads. To make it look “important” and not like a pot holder as small quilts often do, it’s framed in an Ikea shadowbox frame. (Very inexpensive, they come in several sizes and in black and white.)


Although I enjoy piecing little things, this is way too small for me, and was purchased at a quilt museum! The “logs” on this weeny log cabin are 1/4′ wide. (It is framed, so pardon the glare.) Isn’t it sweet?


This is the first hooking I ever did! I hand dyed the fabrics using recipes that my teacher provided and it began my love of hooked rugs. I cannot remember the designer of the piece.

Do you (heart) hearts?

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