February’s Cool Tool:Tape Dispensers???

Rated:  E  (everyone)

As crazy as it sounds, I think you will love this month’s tool!

I must give credit where credit is due – this tool idea comes from Jean Biddick. I took a class with her at the AQS show in DesMoines. She was a great teacher and I loved the pattern we worked on. More about that when I get to finishing it.

You are looking at Scotch Magic Tape donut dispensers! They come in a variety of colors and I don’t know how I missed them. Wandering around in office supply stores is something Peter and I very much like to do and we always come out with some interesting item. I guess tape dispensers are not something we look at. Jean pointed out that for travel (and she is on the road a lot) the donuts fit into a roll of masking tape…. so clever!

When you buy the dispenser, you get a roll of magic tape. When you finish it up, what you want to buy next is removable tape. It is wonderful for tracing patterns or where ever you want tape to stick a bit, but not to rip the paper when you pull it off.

These are a fun gift – I sent them to all our great nephews without the packages and I haven’t heard how long it took them to discover what the donuts were !  And look again at the link with all the colors…. how many will you have to buy for yourself?

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