Rug Hooking Finish Up

Saturday was the second Primitive Rug Hooking class and four students came to finish up their little mats. Lynn chose some lovely colors, didn’t she? The tulip is an overdyed plaid fabric that raveled a bit and looks like yarn.

Laura’s very muted colors came out well. She chose a yarn color that matched the heart for her bound edge.

Katie has muted colors on the dark end of the scale. It’s really fun when everyone has the same pattern but chooses their own color palette.

Donna’s background is a beige and white houndstooth that makes the whole mat so textured! She found yarn that matched her background perfectly.

Finishing a hooked piece with a bound edge can get messy at times! Here is the back of Katie’s piece. When she is finished wrapping yarn around the burlap and cording, she will trim the burlap and cover it with twill tape or perhaps strips of wool. The finished mat is only 8″x8 ; a good size for a beginning piece. We talked about what to do with them. I sewed mine on wool and then mounted it on a stretcher frame. Someone said they had a child’s chair that might be the perfect size for the mat. A woman in a class several years ago said she’d like to use it as a hot plate….. Hmmmm… not what I would do with something that took me so long to complete!

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