Comfort Food: bacon cheddar biscuits!

Yowie! You won’t believe how good these biscuits are!

I know many of you don’t eat bacon for health or religious reasons, so put your fingers in your ears and hum very loudly. For the rest of you, this is a seriously delicious recipe. It was cold and rainy the other night (ugh – I hate rain in the winter!) so I started a fire and dug around for this recipe. I am sure these are loaded with calories, so I made a big salad with lots and lots of lettuce in it. The biscuits are actually cooked in the frying pan used to cook the bacon, and they get very crisp in an interesting and delicious way on their bottoms.

The next day that crispness is gone, but the biscuits mellow and the cheddar and bacon favors are stronger……they were yummy with tomato soup. I am sure they would be delicious with eggs, but we didn’t do that taste test. Perhaps you will try it for Sunday breakfast???

I saw this recipe in a Williams Sonoma catalog and pulled it out. Click here for your link to this delicious treat.

2 thoughts on “Comfort Food: bacon cheddar biscuits!

  1. Mmm, Perfect food for more snow days in New England.
    I’m also just starting The Help so Guernsey will follow.
    Enjoying all the colorful ideas during this dreary winter.
    Also enjoyed the Valentine card. Thanks !

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