Hand Piecing: Hexagons!

Any quilter who knows me will tell you that I adore hexagons! For non quilters, the most common pattern you see is called Grandmothers’ Flower Garden. I enjoy hand piecing and this is my favorite pattern. Interestingly enough, you hand sew it exactly as you machine sew it, from seam line to seam line. It is not symmetrical and honestly, it is nasty to machine piece. Many years ago Peter asked me why I wasn’t using the machine and I explained that some patterns are easier and quicker to sew by hand.

The real plus in this project is that for a long time it is a take along anywhere project! In a one quart (TSA approved) baggy, I put an assortment of pre cut hexes (or strips ready to mark ), thread, needles, scissors and pins which I take on trips and sometimes work on at night when I don’t have a more pressing project. When I get 12-24 flowers, I take them off to a quilt store to audition the background. I may choose many bolts and with each one I pull out a length of the fabric and place an assortment of the flowers on it to see how they will look.

At home, I lay out the flowers on the floor and decide who goes where. What’s nice about this quilt is you can play with color combinations and then separate squares that don’t look well together. I attach a little piece of numbered paper to each one with a safety-pin, written with something like 1-3, which would mean first row, square three. Then I can pick up where I left off and not have to think too hard!

I have no time frame for finishing these quilts, but I have completed quite a few –

This is the first one I completed, inspired by the Colorado landscape and made for Peter. It has a yummy wool batting and is beautifully machine quilted in spirals by my friend Beth Hanlon Ridder.

Here is one that I drag out every December. I am finding it difficult to plan as I have limited the color choices. Click for a larger image so you can see the fun fussy cut middles! It will get done some day.

And here is the quilt on my blog header. Though we don’t have children, I do have a child’s guest room and this sweet quilt is on the white cast iron bed. The colors made me so happy as I was sewing them. It was machine quilted by Maureen O’Conner.

I also like to make teeny tiny flowers using the English Foundation technique, but more about that another day!

7 thoughts on “Hand Piecing: Hexagons!

  1. These are wonderful. I especially like the last one with the happy colors. I made one–my very first hand piecing–and put it in our local quilt show last year. Now I keep seeing them on different blogs and am finding myself wanting to make another.


  2. Debbie – I love your hexagons!!! And the fussy cutting on the Christmas quilt is wonderful!! Oh if there were only more hours in a day, more days in a month and more months in a year, I may find time to do all the different types of quilts there are out there!! Thank you for sharing a sample of your beauties!! Kris


    • There really aren’t enough hours for us creative folk, are there? I am wrestling with that now (read my March 1 post) and trying to set realistic goals and toss some things…


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