Hand Applique: Star of Hearts

This is my project for the weekend…. Above you see a completed square which is “correct”. The hearts form the shape of the star; a fun sort of two for one pattern.

And here is the very muddled piece I need to work on, which you saw long ago on the January to do list. I am still undecided on which heart to choose. I’m leaning towards the checked and flowered one, which is double the work (argh…). Or perhaps I will rip them all out and really start again…. And remember this is on a quilt top, which is why it isn’t already in the trash!

The other big exciting project is cleaning and vacuuming the studio (sigh).

I have been designing, dyeing and assembling a rug hooking kit for my brother this week and the studio is trashed. I am going to visit him next weekend (in Florida!) and he expressed an interest in learning. He is an old latch hooker has made many rugs. We’ll see what he thinks of pulling wool strips through burlap, which is so different from using a latch hook and short pieces of yarn. I’ve discovered in my teaching, you either like it or you don’t, there’s no middle ground. I shipped a package off yesterday with all we will need. I was trying to imagine what the TSA people would say if my backpack contained a large wooden frame with many thumbtacks and decided it was better not to find out!

The sun is out today and I can’t see a cloud in the sky so perhaps Peter and I will take a very wet and muddy yard tour. Surely there are a few brave daffodil bulbs peeping out!

4 thoughts on “Hand Applique: Star of Hearts

  1. Good luck on your weekend project, and be sure to show us the finished project. I am very interested to see how it comes out. And, good luck on your trip if I forget to tell you later. Take care.


    • My brother lives in the Sarasota,Bradenton area, so no, not close to you. Our grandparents had a winter place in Lake Wales and we may go there…a walk down memory lane for sure! I am SO looking forward to this trip.


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