Scrappy Hexagon Sample

l’m at it again, doing something not in the plan! I am not going to teach many classes this summer as I’m a bit discouraged with the lack of sign-ups this Spring. It’s also clear to me that when I am thinking and planning classes, I am not getting other work done, not to mention that there are Spring projects and gardening to come. I did decide to teach one class at the quilt store that sells reproduction fabrics. I had to buy some fabrics! I have learned over long years of teaching, that the class sample really has to “go” with the quilt store. In Colorado, I actually had a saleswoman in a reproduction type quilt store recoil when I showed her a bright batik quilt. She recovered a bit and said “You daughter will love that quilt”. I squinted and her and replied “I don’t have a daughter, this is for me!”.

I seem to be focused on English Paper Piecing at the moment and the store does sell the pieces, so I thought I would work up a class using that technique. In class I want to get the top done in a hurry, as the focus is the hexes. The plan is that I am going to have them pre cut the top pieces (I hope!) and we’ll do a sort of strip piecing process. Then we can concentrate on the real fun. No one who does EPP really considers making the shapes sewing; it’s funny! So there will be a bit of sewing the pieces and then appliqueing them on a square. In the description, I did not call that appliqueing; I am not sure I consider sewing them on the squares to be appliqueing per se and so many quilters think they dislike applique…. We quilters are goofy bunch! The picture above shows a placement idea. No matter how I try I cannot do things in a random manner.

And here – gasp – is the quilt under the sewing machine needle, being quilted! I was thinking of hand quilting it while in Florida this weekend, but decided that I really want to machine quilt on the flowers. Also, as I tell my students, you need to pick and choose when to do what. This is a sample quilt and I’m not sure I am in love with it, so hand quilting is silly.

I need to pack now and my next big decision is what will I take for hand work on the trip! I must have something to do while teaching and supervising my brother in the art of rug hooking….

3 thoughts on “Scrappy Hexagon Sample

  1. Debbie,
    I just gave your email to someone who’s interested in purchasing the pattern for the rug we made in class. Maybe you should consider selling the pattern or even a kit? (yep, something else to do!)


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