Wonderful Florida!

Such contrasts!

The view from my front porch:

The view from my brother’s front porch:

What’s blooming in my yard:

What’s blooming in my brother’s yard:

Tuesday: Florida 85 degrees  Illinois 35 degrees

It was a lovely trip with perfect weather. My brother and I had lots of time to talk and drove all over the western part of the state. He’s started on his hooked pillow and we’ll see how he likes it. I came home to rain (and hail during the night) and am getting ready for another rug hooking class tonight. More about that later.

It was relaxing to be away from the normal routine, but it is nice to be home…

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Florida!

  1. I’m glad you made it back safely and am really glad you got to enjoy time out of the deep freeze. I just returned from a trip up north and it was interesting to watch the change of seasons on the way there and back. Take care!

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