Every Spring I am amazed at how persistent the daffodil bulbs are. They pop up well before the weather is at all nice and seem as anxious to be blooming as I am to pick them! This group is in the back fence garden and as you can see, they are submerged….how do they survive?

Persistent is what beginning hookers need to be! I have been hooking for years, so when I demonstrate they are excited because I make it look easy. After a few tries, many are discouraged. It’s too bad, because most crafts are initially hard to do and one must keep trying. Hopefully my students in the latest class will persist.

Persistence is me continuing to figure out what to do with the @*%^$ Beginning Sampler Quilt square! I dug out the fabrics I used and I seem to be missing a few key pieces – where did they go – I know I didn’t throw them out! $&%! My latest plan is to rip the star of hearts out and do an appliqued flower instead. I want to get it done, so I can quilt and enjoy it.

Theodore Roosevelt said : Nothing in the world is worth having or doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… Perhaps not pain, but I do believe that putting effort into a project is key. Persistently working at a task that is difficult  or challenging is as well. In my teaching, I find that too many students are so quick to give up and want projects completed in an enormous hurry. Certainly it is not worth spending months working on a baby quilt that you want to be loved to tatters. But I find great pleasure in working on some projects for as long as it takes to make something that is the best I can do at that time.

Persistence; just some thoughts on that word and the creative process…

3 thoughts on “Persistence!

  1. Well said. We must persevere! I wonder if the level of commitment for ‘newbies’ might not be as high as for those who are dedicated crafters and artists, if that makes sense. If I try something new, I want to learn to be good at it or do the best I can (it’s not going to beat me). I don’t give in easily, but that’s just me. Teddy’s comments ring true. More effort=more appreciation; at least in my life. Take care!


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