Fascinating Hexagons

For those of you who are interested in hexagons, let me tempt you further….and introduce you to the tiny English Paper Pieced variety!

Small quilts have become of interest to me- they are so precious and perhaps they remind me of playing with my doll house. Some years ago I was at a quilt show and walked by a man demonstrating how to sew teeny tiny hexagons. I looked and said to myself “I don’t like EPP” and moved on. A few aisles later it dawned on me – how else could you put together hexes measuring 1/4″ on a side??? I whizzed back to him, watched more closely and bought a small pack. That night in my motel room I used scraps from a class I was taking and sewed a flower and became addicted! The next morning I was back at his booth buying more.

I buy my supplies from Paper Pieces. They sell a large variety of shapes and each shape comes in many sizes. With a hexagon, you measure one side of it, so if you look at the photo above, left to right:  3/4″   1/2″  1/4″. Isn’t it amazing how there is such a dramatic difference in the sizes? (Peter laughs at this and reminds me that it’s all geometry, and I remind him that I barely made it through that class in high school!)

Some time ago, Garden2day was talking about different ways to put them together and here are a few I am working on. Hexagons can be constructed so many ways, from small and simple to grand and complicated.Isn’t the star so dramatic? I saw that pattern on an antique quilt and did a little drawing on the spot to remind me how to put it together. The diamond shape is fun too and I am using a hand dyed gradation that I did to construct that piece. Underneath both those shapes is a traditional grandmother’s flower garden. Need more design ideas? Not to be gross, but the next time you are using an old public bathroom, you might look down. Hexagon patterns were a very popular tile design…

And lest you think that I never complete anything, and I do understand why you might feel that way, here is a little (1/4″) star in a shadowbox frame – and the completed Scrappy Hexagon quilt for a summer class!

And if you are interested in how to make them, we’ll talk another day!

4 thoughts on “Fascinating Hexagons

  1. One of the memebers of my quilt guild entered a 1/4″ hexagon miniature in our QuiltFest show last year. It was around 6 x 8 inches finished. For “quilting,” she put a French know in the center of each hexagon! That’s way too small for me.


    • So many hexagon lovers! Whatever the size, they are very fun to piece. And Quiltfever, I would have said they were too small ’till I tried them. Never say never….


  2. I love Hexis! I made a name tag for myself using 1/2 inch hexis to ware at my guild meeting. I have been hooked ever since. I am also working on a christmas 1 inch and a scrappy charm 1 inch hexi quilt. Verry addicting and verry verry fun!


  3. They are all so lovely – so beautiful! From time to time, I still see those restroom floors made of hexagons. Memories of big department stores and such… I noticed your background has changed–or did I take too many meds for the flu? I’m not really here… Looks good! Take care!


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