Not To Be Missed Shows

And I missed the latest one!

I have been reading the posts of those who were able to attend the amazing red and white quilt show at the Armory in NYC with a good deal of envy. I must say, had I known about the show in advance (and how did I not???) I would have gone. There are some shows that you know people will be talking about for years to come and I am sure this is one of them. To see over 500 quilts that are simply red and white is amazing. Compound that with the theatrical way in which they were displayed took them to a level than I am sure even non quilters had to admire. What a wonderful gift to New York and quilt lovers that was! Should you be in New York city this year, the Folk Art Museum has planned a whole year of quilts to view!

I was a teenager when the first landmark quilt show opened in NYC at the Whitney Museum, where quilts were displayed as art work for the first time. I was part of that 1970’s crafts revolution though, as a weaver and spinner. I made most everything for our home by hand for years, because I enjoyed it and because it was a less expensive option!

Happily, I did attend the Esprit Collection Amish quilt show in California, quite by accident. It was part of a tour I went on for a Handweaver’s Guild of America show. It was a breath-taking exhibit! The light was dim and the Amish quilts hung quietly in the near dark. Benches were scattered here and there and I remember sitting down to take in the beauty. Years later I feel the genius of that show was that low light. I was a docent for many years at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and we occasionally had an Amish quilt on display. They usually looked garish and people would comment with surprise on the harshness of the color. I grew up in Pennsylvania and lived near Lancaster County, so I do know a bit about the Amish and they do not have the bright lights that a museum or a “normal” house does. Their quilts are lit by softer light of kerosene lanterns and in that sort of light, the quilts sing! And isn’t it interesting to note that both of these ground breaking quilt shows starred Amish quilts?

Art shows of any kind are such an inspiration. I had a quilt teacher last year who urged us to look at art of all kinds, and I agree. I am surprised by how few quilters I know make an effort to get to quilt shows, much less museums or galleries. For lack of a better word, I am always so juiced up after seeing a show!

I hope you have plans this year to see some great art and wonderful quilts. There is nothing like them for a creative kick in the pants!

And speaking of creative resources, I am pleased to now be a part of Quilter, another place to find out what quilters and thinking and doing! This site is a treasure trove of information and ideas.

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