Beginning Sampler Quilt Top…

…finished!!!! Hoo ray. Honestly, I am really annoyed about the amount of time I have spent thinking about and fooling around with this quilt. As I said in another post, I quickly put it together for a beginning sampler class that I hoped to teach at a local store. Quickly is the operative word here – I was in such a rush to get it done that there were a few squares that I wasn’t too happy with. After it hung in the store for several months (and the class did not fill!) I brought it home and looked at it again. The star of hearts square still did not please me. Many hours of thought later, I decided to replace it with an appliqued flower square. That also took longer than I planned as I added layer after layer to make it look good.

Below is just a section of the quilt including the offending square! I thought I had taken a shot of the whole quilt…

And here is the entire quilt, hanging in the guest room while I ponder the next step…

… the quilting! I am planning on finally using a very wonderful hand quilting frame that I bought from The Grace Frame Company. The good news is that it works like a long arm frame and I won’t have to baste the quilt layers together. Sounds wonderful to me. However, what that also means is that I will be quilting it from top to bottom and the border will be the first spot I need to do…. Hmmmm… Generally when hand or machine quilting, I start from the middle and work out, so I have time to think about the border. With this new frame, I need a border plan immediately. I like the flower fabric but it doesn’t suggest any ideas to me. I cropped the border a bit in the picture; it’s 6″ wide.

Anyone have any ideas??? Help!

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