Road Trip: Cedarburg WI

Peter’s wall calendar is quiet this week, so we decided to have a road trip. We chose Wednesday because there was no chance of rain and it was – – – perfect! We drove to Cedarburg, Wisconsin, which is about 1 1/2 hours north of us. We expected it to be cooler, but the day was sunny and in the 70’s there! Spring is just arriving there; not a bulb or forsythia was blooming.

Cedarburg is really worth a visit. It is a charming old town, settled in the mid 1800’s beside a wonderful rushing stream. The people who immigrated there built 5 dams and 5 woolen mills. The town must have been full to bursting with laborers! It reminds us of New England and we do enjoy our visits there. One of the most beautiful sights is the remaining mill. Isn’t it a beauty? It is a feed store so you can get into the first floor, but it is hard to imagine that huge building humming with looms and the women working on them.

Here is another shot of the same mill – a bit jarring, isn’t it? Can you imagine the furor when that pagoda was built? (I think I remember that is was originally a gas station.) Now, because of its age, the pagoda is a cultural sort of treasure but the placement is unfortunate. Cedarburg was mostly built between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s – there is no other building that remotely matches this one… I am sure, over the years,there have been a lot of townsfolk who have wanted to wave a wand and make it go away!

The grates around the trees on the main street are lovely. I have a new iPhone and by mistake I took a video of the grate! I didn’t think you would be too interested in that, so I took a picture. My shoes got in by accident (it was so sunny I couldn’t quite see) but I left one in. They match the grates!

The town is full of beautiful houses with lots of architectural detail. I love the woodwork…

And here is another with gorgeous grill work.

Isn’t the window in the turret fun?

We had a yummy lunch and wandered up and down the side residential streets finding many beautiful homes. There is a very nice quilt store there – Material Matters – as well as three coffee shops, two candy stores (right next to each other!) and an incredible French bread store. It has the usual tourist-y gift shops, but the interesting stores out number the tacky ones. The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts is there, but you need to check for the hours…it closed as we finished lunch!

On the way home, we made the requisite stop at the most wonderful frozen custard stand in Milwaukee – seriously! A friend of mine who grew up in the suburbs told me that Leon’s was the model for Happy Days. It was a sunny, warm Wednesday afternoon and there was a long line – I cannot imagine what it’s like on a hot Saturday night!

I leave you with the photo of the custard coming out of the machines….. is your mouth watering?

3 thoughts on “Road Trip: Cedarburg WI

  1. I’m so glad you got away for a nice trip-such lovely photos. The pagoda is quite…tacky…against the mill backdrop 😦 . New development was coming into the area around here and before the county could put a new building code of brick/stucko only, one of those dollar stores went in with cheap sheet metal-so ungly and different next to everything else.

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