A Workout & Quilt Planning

Me, on the treadmill. Another dreary April-showers-bring-May-flowers sort of afternoon. I needed to get a good 60 minutes of exercise (remember the frozen yogurt earlier in the week?) The large windows of the rec center face onto the golf course, but it was raining so only one hardy pair of mallards were swimming on the pond. My iPod was playing good music, but it looked to be a boring workout.

Then, I started thinking about my upcoming quilt show and ideas for new quilts! A local public library has asked me again to display my quilts. I said no and no several times, but my librarian friend is persistent. While replying no yet again, I looked around the studio and saw at least 4 tops waiting to become quilts…. so I e-mailed yes!

A new project? Nevermind that I have plenty to quilt; I would like something in the show that feels new to me! As I jogged and thought, one sort of quilt that I really enjoy and often think about making popped into my head. I don’t want to rip anyone’s images off the Internet, but I am sure you will know the sort of quilt I mean. It has lots of white (or black) background and then small squares of colors. Lots and lots of them. The quilting may be minimal or lush, but what you see are those squares of colors.

As you know, I do lots of dyeing, which means I have lots of colored fabric. I start out being “precious” with these samples and right now they are arranged on hangers hanging on a door knob. As I was working out, I thought “AHA! I can make one of those white (or black?) quilts with my color samples!” It’s a two birds with one stone sort of project. What a great way to showcase my formulas, both to advertise to students and enjoy myself.

After some more walking, and noticing that the rain was turning into snow, I decided I didn’t want to make squares. It sounds fussy and would need to be very accurate to look crisp. I consider myself a hand appliquer and I haven’t done much of that lately, so, no squares. What shape to make? I’m down to two ideas; circles or hearts. I am fond of both shapes, but I am leaning towards hearts at the moment. Below is a very rough computer drawing of what it might look like.

By making long hearts, the quilt will have a rectangular feel to it. So much of what I do is square-based. Points are not the thing I do best in hand applique, so I also need to design a heart which is fun and not too annoying to do. You handwork people know what I mean. I do think I will hand quilt this quilt and if I do hearts, I can quilt something different around each one! Perhaps sequins and beads will find their way on this quilt as well.

Huh. There are more decisions to make:

  • black or white background?
  • which colors to use (or use them all?)
  • how big is the quilt?
  • how big are the hearts?
  • how many hearts? (figure out a pleasant heart to background proportion)

I was really excited by the end of the workout as I had come up with some good ideas! Happily, there is still lots to plan, which will occupy another treadmill workout. This week there is going to be rain, rain and more rain…

Sigh…It snowed last night and that is melting as I write…

5 thoughts on “A Workout & Quilt Planning

  1. Planning and cutting usually take the most time. It’s reassuring to hear you need to think about it too. I wish I thought of exercising while multitasking. What library are you referring to in the post?


    • The show will hang for the month of January at the Morton Grove Public Library. Exciting, huh? I am happy to say my last show was very well received; quilts are so different from what they usually show I think.


      • Libraries are great venues for quilt exhibits. There is an annual traveling show of quilts-by-librarians that ZBPL will host in September.


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