Clamped Shibori

Class updates and some “atta girls” too!

Last Thursday morning I taught a shibori class that has been postponed twice – once because of the weather and once because I was sick. Third time is the charm…

In looking over my other shibori class postings, I realized there is a really fun technique that I didn’t photograph – clamping. I asked the ladies to rip some 12″ squares of fabrics. The blocks of wood are cut into 3″ squares and 3″ half triangles. For the square piece of wood, I have them fold the fabric in a fan shape one way and then the other. For the triangle, they fold a fan shape and then a flag fold. You can tie everything together, but for these small sizes, I like clamps.

Isn’t the result just amazing? There is something about all the white space and the crispness of the lines that makes it special. This is the flag fold. Variations come from how you fold the fabric, and how you clamp it. You can, of course, fold it again and re-dye it. If you soak the fabric in a soda ash solution, you can dip the sides in different dyes and then batch it (let it sit) in a baggie. Clamping is a pretty simple technique for the Japanese, who do such ornate shibori, and I read that they use it for kimono linings and diapers. There’s something you can make for the next baby shower you’re invited to!

And here are the “atta girls”. Last Wednesday night was the finish up class for Primitive Rug Hooking. Karen finished her rug and worked on binding the edge. I particularly like her tulip and leaves – they make me think of an old piece of fabric.. Her hooking was very well done and so even. Impressive job for a new hooker.

I invited Laura, who was in the Fall class and lives close to the store. She seems to have caught the “hooking bug” and here she’s working on another project. She is without a cutter, so she uses a rotary cutter to cut  the wool into 1/2″ pieces and then scissors to cut them 1/4″. She is a lover of primitives, so this suits her and looks wonderful.

I am working on some new ideas for a Fall rug hooking class. I have been using the tulip and heart for some years and am ready for a new pattern, or maybe two. I am thinking of drawing some quilt applique sort of patterns, wreaths, bouquets of flowers, something fairly simple for beginners. Since I am teaching in a quilt store, I hope that will lure new people.

Perhaps I will work on that today, to cheer me up! It’s rainy and 52 degrees, and rain is predicted for the rest of the week…. There are lots of daffodils out today so I will need to make a dash between the raindrops to pick them.

3 thoughts on “Clamped Shibori

  1. I really like the clamped shibori-I like the others, too, but this is great. I like the results-so many possibilities. The rugs also look great. You have such talented students!


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