The Red Guest Room

…has a new addition – I finally finished hand quilting the applique square on the January to do list. I quilted the square and left the edges undone, and for now, it’s stapled to a stretcher frame.

There are other squares in that series, but I have been debating whether to make a whole quilt, or handle them separately. When I did my first hand pieced sampler quilt many years ago, I learned how to quilt-as-you-go. Should I choose to make a quilt, I can undo this square and sew it together with the others. I discovered the stretcher frame approach many years ago when I was teaching second grade. One of my mothers was into quilting, in a way. She loved to piece together a quilt, or a square, and then she would staple the top to the very wide stretcher frames. For her, it was all about the graphic quality of the quilt top, not “quilting” per se, and they did look stunning.

The bed quilt was made in the summer of 2005, when we were still living in Colorado. The house was on the market and not selling. Peter was traveling a great deal, I was unhappy with my realtor and I couldn’t make a mess. (When the realtor would call to schedule a showing, I would stuff all the strips in a basket and put it under my sewing table.) I stitched two queen sized log cabin quilts that summer! This one is called “Seeing Red, The House Isn’t Selling”. It is beautifully machine quilted in red thread, by my friend Beth.

3 thoughts on “The Red Guest Room

  1. Great name for the red quilt. I remember how awful it is to try to keep a house ready to show to a prospective buyer at any minute. At least you got a couple of nice quilts out of it.


  2. Great quilt! I love completing tasks on my “to do” list. I recall I have to send you something as one of my “to dos”…..oops! Will get on it soon. xox


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