Unexciting Quilt Idea…

…and a new plan?

Huh. I did a little mock-up of my workout quilt idea of a few weeks ago which centered around my desire to use some of my growing collection of hand dyed cotton. I roughly cut out some hearts in an elongated shape and pinned them on black fabric. Nope. Drowns them out.

Next I dug around for a hand dyed (commercial) fabric that I love. When I found it, I bought lots of it and have used it in several projects. I don’t know if you can see (click to enlarge) but the fabric has been drizzled with different colored dyes and it’s so pretty. Better, but still not ringing any bells.

I am sure that when the hearts were appliqued nicely and there were lots and lots of them with gorgeous quilting, it would be better, but when I am hand appliqueing, I really need to have lots of enthusiasm for the project.

Though I do not need any more projects, I became obsessed with coming up with a good idea!!! I looked through my folders of quilt design ideas and the few books that I have. I combined several ideas and did this computer rendering. It is completely different from the hand appliqued idea, but I like it. It’s a simple plan but should look interesting. So I sewed lots of strips of dyed fabric strips together – pretty!

Now the decision is, which background? I very much like the paper bag color, but I think I may have to dye a darker value or edit the colors I use in the strips. The purple is really juicy, but perhaps too much so. Is the blue just right?

3 thoughts on “Unexciting Quilt Idea…

  1. Why don’t you use multiple colors of the large squares, even the paper bag color if you use some of your darker values in the strip? I think it’s a really cool way to show off your hand dyes.

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