Tension About Machine Tension!

Wow – what a reaction to the last post about sewing machine tension, both publicly and privately! It did make me laugh to find that so many people are like me and want nothing to do with those dreadful dials. Garden2day gets my vote for the funniest quote – “I’d rather walk on hot coals barefoot “!!!

I did realize that I forgot to say that the Pfaff lady told me that the Grand Quilter tension should stay about 3, for those of you who may have that machine. Another important fact that I did not know is that you need to put the pressure foot down and then look at the tension dial. It makes sense, but again, no one ever told me about that….

Candy attached a handout to her comment, which I deleted, for copyright reasons. It turns out that it was from Superior Threads and she said that they are happy to have anyone read it. This page has a lot of good information. They give lectures at quilt shows and guild meetings and of course sell lots of great thread.

To end this topic for the moment, I have tried out my machine, with its tension back to the proper spot, and it is working like a dream – Thank heavens! Now all I need to do is practice more to improve my free motion quilting….I wish there was a dial for that.

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