Strippy Quilt Progress

I am always excited when I start a new project, so I have been sewing away. After fooling a bit more with my dyed samples, I have decided to use the blue as a background for the strippy hand dyed quilt, so I sewed up several pieces to get an idea of how it will look. After studying the squares on my design board, I decided I agreed with quiltfever about having another color or value in the top. The background blue formula has a bit of red it in and was dyed twice so I thought perhaps the blue straight out of the jar (Pro Chem 402c) would do. I really didn’t like it! It wasn’t different enough.

Next I tried  a blue purple made with the same blue. It is also a subtle difference, I know, but I like it. I have been varying the asymmetry of the blocks, which also will make it more interesting visually. (I hope.) The size of the quilt is yet to be determined.

With all the dyed fabrics I have, I am wondering if this will be a series of quilts, because I still really like the paper bag color.

The quilt store where I teach has agreed to let me hang this top (or a bit of it) to advertise my dyeing classes. I plan to hang a sign with it saying “Learn to dye all these colors and more!”. These days it seems like quilters are very literal, so I am hoping that seeing a quilt,rather than just bits of dyed fabric will encourage more people to take dyeing.

3 thoughts on “Strippy Quilt Progress

  1. I love this pattern! I just realized that there was not sashing between the blocks! I thought the white board showing through was a clever thin shashing! I like it with the thin border! I might have to give it a try.


  2. I just love this part of the process. It is looking very nice. As I’m seeing the progress so far, I’m wondering if you may want to put a row of half-sized blocks between the purple and blue, maybe with a different background. Just thinking out loud. Ignore me if I’m becoming irritating 🙂


    • Don’t be silly! I like to hear comments; that’s what blogging is all about, right? I’m stopped at the moment, but will get back to it. No Susan, there are no strips in between the squares. That might be a nice addition, but I want to keep it simple (fast?).


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