Hip Hip Hooray

for the fabulous V&A!
I am in London now, about a ten minute walk from my favorite museum, the Victoria & Albert. Since the day was not pleasant, I spent the afternoon there. The textile and costume collection areas are both closed until 2012 (!) but I did find some wonderful things to show you!

This dress looks like it is printed. You can’t see in the photo and I could barely see through the glass, but it is actually chain stitched using fine silk threads!!! It was made in an area of India that specialized in chain stitching in the late 1700’s when it was part of the British Empire.


This dress must be the most famous one in the museum, appearing in books and on postcards. Isn’t it just the cat’s meow? I wondered this time whether the woman could sit, and where. Perhaps she stood in a receiving line looking elegant.


And here is an outfit for the quilters. It’s a man’s outfit thought to recycled from a silk bed cover. The quilting is exquisite and the bows add a certain je ne sais quois! (I’m going to upload smaller images. I am having trouble with the Worpress iPad app…)


And one more treasure before I crash again – this lovely glove. The photo doesn’t show the detail through the glass with no flash, but the gauntlet part is woven. For the weavers among you, the sett is 32 epi. (meaning there are 32 threads per inch in the weaving) Before I read the caption, I thought it was teeny, tiny Bargello.


I do apologize again for the stupid post of a few days ago. It is so easy with an iPad to tap something before you can stop yourself. I hope this post will redeem me. ; – D

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