London Finish

Peter and I are at home, safe and sound from our trip to the UK. Peter’s work went well, we enjoyed our vacation and we have arrived home to find that summer has come to Chicagoland!

I have a few more images to share with you from London. One of my favorite things to look for and photograph are the lovely, old pub signs and building decorations. They are so imaginative and creative! I was delighted to find this over the Twinings Tea Shop  on Fleet Street! Inside, along with all the wonderful teas and related products, are old paintings of all the Twinings. Too bad that I am not a tea drinker.

Often pubs have the prettiest buildings on the block. Flower boxes and flags make them even moredistinctive.

The George also had friezes all over the building with (apparently) naked men chasing animals!

We saw these sheep with heraldic flags all over Florence last summer. I think they might represent the textile guild, but I am not sure. Check out the date….

Peter was taken by this sign. He is a big charcuterie fan and enjoys the variety of bangers in London.

This pub was on the route of our walk to Covent Garden.

And here is a contemporary sign. I am surprised that more new business owners don’t create their own signs. This one was made of metal and hung over a wonderful ice cream shop in Covent Garden. There was a long line – it was a lovely day and everyone wanted a cool treat. About 15 minutes after we finished our cones, the sky darkened, the temperature cooled dramatically and rain began to fall!

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