Decorating with Quilts

Designing around a rug:

We have a wonderful rug in the livingroom that we bought on a trip to India. It’s a heavy woven rug made of yak yarn, weighing in at 75 pounds! I love it because it has a very hand-made look to it. That sounds stupid since it is hand-made, but it is a less sophisticated pattern than most we saw and it probably reminded me of a hooked rug. With the blue (or black) and red backgrounds, it’s pretty traditional looking and could make for a dull decorating scheme. I have tried to add interesting fabrics and pictures in the room to prevent it being a typical navy and burgundy room.

The livingroom faces north and is really cold in the winter. We can’t have a fireplace built because the room is across the front of the house and a vent would look unattractive, so we finally bought an electric fireplace. It actually doesn’t look bad and does warm the room a bit, but a quilt is always a welcome addition, isn’t it?. When really decorating the room after the rug arrived, I looked for blue leather chairs, but the less expensive options we found at a furniture outlet were red, so we bought them. The photo doesn’t show it, but their color leans towards orange-y red.

As you know, I always need a hand piecing project or two going, so I chose a spinning stars quilt. Because I wanted to blend the red family together, I decided to use a variety of reds, red oranges and fuchsias. Spinning stars have 6 points and I like to use one color to make all the stars play nicely with each other. It also gives the viewer’s eyes a little relief to have a common color moving across the quilt. I was trying to avoid navy, which I use a lot and is hard to mark, so I dug around in my stash and came up with a very, very old Jinny Beyer olive print. There is a lot of green in the rug because of all the leaves. This green is darker than most of the greens in the rug, but a lighter one wouldn’t have handled the strong reds as well.

So far, so good!

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