Such a fun class !

I haven’t taught Hand Dyeing I for quite awhile, but some ladies found my dye class info and gave me a call. They had seen hand dyed fabric at quilt shows and balked at the price. Evidently they are game to try new quilt related classes, so they spent yesterday dyeing with me. It was dreadfully hot for this time of year and splashing in the cool water was a pleasant indoor activity for all of us.

I love teaching beginners of any sort. Learning something new can be so exciting and Eula and Eloise were pretty excited with their brightly dyed fabrics. We talked during lunch about what class they might take next. Dyeing can be addictive.

I’ve had students say “These colors are too bright, they’re garish”….

After the ladies left, I wandered around the yard checking for new blossoms and look what I found. Some might say garish; I say gorgeous!

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