Antique Sewing Machine Display

I was just downloading the photos I took from our London trip and enjoying everything all over again. And I had forgotten the collection I had taken for my quilt friends – the most amazing display of sewing machines that I have ever seen!!! Since it was in England, many of the machines were brands I did not know about, which made it even more fun to look. Here is the name of the store (which sells clothing) and one window of machines….

And another!

I thought just the windows were filled with machines, but take a look inside. This store is in a popular area of the city and the streets were clogged with tourists; many of us jostling to take photos or standing open-mouthed at the display. I wonder how many of them had used a sewing machine.

I know our machines can’t look like this one, but a quilter can dream….

What a beauty this one is. Sitting down to work would put a smile on your face as you admired your machine. It certainly gives one ideas for an applique quilt too!

English made!

I own two Pfaff sewing machines and I was pleased to see this older model.

And last but not least, here is a humbler model, tooting its own horn. You might laugh about the name, but it’s hard to imagine the impact that these incredible inventions had on a woman’s daily life. I love to hand sew, but I sure wouldn’t if I had to sew everything; sheets, buttons, clothing, towels, diapers….. Sue Nickels gives a lecture called “Made by Machine” which is about the history of sewing machines and machine quilting. She and her sister collect old machine quilted quilts and it is a surprise to find that women have been machine quilting as long as there have been machines.

I believe this store may have displays of machines at every location, so you might want to see if there is one in your area.

(P.S. Are these Cool Tools?)

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