Honeysuckle by Wm. Morris

And mine! I walked outside this morning after several days of rain and saw the honeysuckle vine finally in bloom. I love all the oranges and yellows against the bright blue sky. And then I realized that I had seen this image recently. In London.

If you are a fan of William Morris’ work, then you recognize the wallpaper design below. When we were at the Victoria & Albert, they had a special show on the Aesthetic Movement, called “The Cult of Beauty”. I very much like aesthetic transferware china and have collected a few plates, so I was glad to learn more about it. It overlapped with the Arts & Crafts movement and Morris was in both camps. One of the pieces on display was the rendering of the  honeysuckle wallpaper design for the printers. I so enjoyed looking at this original artwork with the repeats marked and only part of the design painted. (In researching this piece, what I read said that Morris’ daughter May did it.) If you look at the link below, sending you to a company that sells the wallpaper, you will see that it comes in several lovely colorways. The one I chose to include matched my honeysuckle and sky pictures the best!

(I hope that this image is not copyrighted. Here is the link for a company selling this wallpaper and many more of Morris’ amazing designs.)

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