Rug Hooking at the Fair

I was planning to do a quick post on Friday night and include pictures from the day’s classes and the Foxy Ladies’ display, but I decided that rug hooking deserved more time and space. So here’s the recap! I had 8 students this year. You’ve seen the heart and tulip pattern before, but not in these colors.

I do enjoy seeing what background fabric each student chooses, and then later in class the colors they want to hook for the design areas.

Can’t not say it – it’s always fun to have a man in class!

Look at the bright colors in this picture. It is interesting when a person chooses colors that reflect their attire.

And here we are on Saturday at the booth; such a welcoming and delightful entry area. This very wonderful rug was hooked (and sewn) by Karen Maddi-Perks. Hopefully the photo is good enough that if you click on it you can see the wonderful embroidery work and buttons on the border tongues.

Here is Karen with her latest rug design, explaining rug hooking to a visitor.

And the whole booth area, full of beautiful hooked pieces, enthusiastic hookers and interested fair goers…. ;-D

All in all, I think that rugs and rug hookers made quite a splash at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair!

3 thoughts on “Rug Hooking at the Fair

  1. Hi Debbie we missed you at the fair. Susan and I were there on Saturday, we asked for you and looked for you with no luck. Sorry we missed you. Looks like everyone enjoyed the class. Great pics.

    See you soon.


  2. I also saw that rug ~ simply amazing! I didn’t see you at the fair, either. I did a little shopping and browsing. Glad to see both rug hooking and punch needle.


    • Sorry to miss you all! I was at the information booth form 1-5, so I would have seen you wander by… There were some great booths and more RH than usual! Laura, you could teach punch needle, I bet the organizer would love that!


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