Very Muddled…..

This bit of sewing shows that you have to continually look at a quilt you are making to ensure that it will come out the way you hope, or in a way may not be what you had imagined, but you decide you like.

Isn’t this muddled? To remind you, this is a spinning stars pattern and I have decided to arrange it like seven sisters. (A classic quilt pattern with one star in the middle and six spinning around it.) I think that when I sew more of the background navy, it will make the stars shine brighter. But I wanted the middle “sister” to look like a middle and to be quite different. Using the same green as the other six stars obviously is not going to look the way I’m imagining.

Here is an audition using the dotted, beige-y fabric that I bought as a maybe background. It certainly makes that star look different.

Here’s another fabric, a darker beige scrunch dye. It has no pattern, only texture, so it is a less busy choice, and I am aware that this is a busy design. It’s also warmer, so it pops out.

They both seem to work, in different ways. This is not a decision I need to make in a hurry as it will be easy enough to pull out the offending green fabrics. I’d like to know – what do you think?

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