This Week’s Projects

Here are some projects that are on my to do list this week….

These 6″ hooked squares are going to be “mug rugs”; that is mats to put a coffee mug on. My rug hooking group, Foxy Ladies, is demonstrating in the Fall at a craft event and the organizers want us to sell little things. The ladies call these items “smalls”, and many people are making mug rugs. This is not something that I would normally make; I like to make rugs; but I have lots of stray strips of wool and it’s a good way to play with color and design.

I also “had” to start this little hooked piece! (Really.) I will be teaching Primitive Rug Hooking at Pieceful Gathering quilt store again this Fall, and I thought it was time for a new design. This one has the look of an appliqued quilt, which I hope will be appealing. I did a number of designs and let Katie, one of the owners, choose. I will hook all of the designs and then at the second class we plan to invite past students to come and hook and perhaps buy a new design to make. I love the Fallish orange of the leaves and am debating what color the flower should be. The pink wool you can see is too harsh. I’m thinking a blue.

I am continuing to hand quilt the beginning sampler. I spent last Friday afternoon at the Highland Park Historical Society demonstrating hand quilting and competed a whole square. They are hosting a show of crazy quilter Addie Mangian Davis and I volunteered to do some related demonstrations and classes.

Here is the clam shell rug and I have gotten a good bit completed. I worked on it at lot in the evenings last week, and then at the Foxy Ladies’ guild meeting on Saturday. I am very happy with the warmer greens that I dyed. People keep asking what color the outside rows will be, but I want to complete all the green areas and then decide. Peter loves this rug, so it will be his and we’ll choose colors together. It won’t be anytime soon….. it takes a long time to hook this fine wool.

We had a ferocious rain storm Monday morning, hooray! The ground around here hardens into cement when it doesn’t rain, so I have lots of weeding and edging to do while the ground is still workable. If it doesn’t rain, we have to water in order to get the weeds out…. So I have made myself do this less than fun chore for at least an hour each day…. Lots of pretty purples and pinks are out.

What are you working on this week?

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Projects

  1. I like the mug rugs, maybe because they are folk artsy. For a small project, hook the front of a mitten, then whip stitch it to a wool backing. It could be a piece to hang on a peg board or hook (can be filled with a sprig of greens). Hopefully, they’ll be lots of people interested in the rug hooking class. I have several projects that I want to make, and was just estimating how much wool for my next rug. That storm was scary on Monday. Some around were still without power in the morning.


  2. So many projects and all are beautiful! The clam shell rug is really coming along-love those colors! Peter has a good eye. Your flowers look great, too! We’re having a cool spell now (actually supposed to be in the upper 80s today-we’ll see) but back to the 100s next week. Good luck with the classes. Hope you garner lots of interest. Take care!


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