It’s Cherry Pie Season!

If I had to choose one fruit pie, the only one I’d be able to eat forever and ever, it would be cherry. Using cherry pie cherries, which are sour. And hard to find, as I have discovered over the years.

The only pie my mother made was a delicious lemon meringue in Spring, so we waited for the cherries to ripen and for Grandma Pearson to make the cherry pies. She baked on Saturday mornings, and I would hound my father to get us over there while she was still working. If I did, I might get a little pie (cherry or shoo fly) just for me. And if she was baking cinnamon buns…..oh mercy they were good!

Back to the cherries. I long ago got her pie crust recipe, which is still my favorite. In order to get the “recipe” I had to watch her like a hawk as she did not measure. She always made lard pie crusts and there is nothing like the flavor of lard with a fruit pie. It is difficult to make in the heat of sour cherry season as lard melts easily. I have to whisk it in and out of the refrigerator, but it is well worth the effort.

In Pennsylvania, the saying went “4th of July, cherry pie”. In the Midwest pie cherries appear later. The fruit in our local farmer’s markets comes from Michigan (such a drive!) and the Cherry Capital happens to be in Traverse City, Michigan. We have been there several times and just love it. All the restaurants and breweries and bakeries have cherry everything!!!

If I have made you crazy for cherries, and you need to order something, the first place I must recommend to you is American Spoon. They make an amazing variety of delicious fruit goodies. And, the all cherry all the time place is Cherry Republic. The story of how the business began and continues to foster everything cherry and Michigan related is told in their fun weekly e-newsletter. And I must say that Cherry Republic makes a cherry pie that even Grandma Pearson would eat! Peter and I usually need to taste-test two pieces to make sure the quality is good….. And the cherry ice cream on the side is pretty wonderful as well.

Just back from the farmer’s market! This week’s haul includes red and black raspberries…and…sour cherries! Yummy!

5 thoughts on “It’s Cherry Pie Season!

  1. Door County, Wisconsin has tons of cherries, too. I love our farmer’s market that just started this year. My kids are hooked on butterkase cheese from Prairie Pure Cheese. I’ll have to get more tomorrow!


    • There are 2 markets near us; one on Wednesday & one on Saturday, which is perfect. When corn arrives that means we have it twice a week. WHat an odd summer; we’ll probably have corn for Labor Day! (I always forget about Door County)


  2. Great memories of baking pies and such. Yum-yum! My favorites are blackberry cobbler, apple pie, and lemon meringue, but I don’t think I would ever turn down anything that ends in p-i-e! Now I’m craving a fruit pie…


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