A Delicious Summer Squash Soup

My favorite summer soup is Gazpacho…. with lots of chopped veggies and a bit of sour cream to top it off. At the moment, I have two cherry tomatoes ripening in my garden and the tomatoes I bought at the Farmer’s Market taste okay but are crunchy, so I won’t be making Gazpacho for a while. Last night I was looking online for some summer soup ideas and found this recipe for Golden Summer Squash & Corn Soup.

I had yellow squash from the market and two ears of leftover corn, so all the ingredients were in the refrigerator! The soup is quite easy to make and we enjoyed it for dinner with some ham. The squash base is really creamy; you almost feel like there is some heavy cream in there somewhere, and of course the corn makes it chewy and crunchy. I did not have feta cheese, which probably adds a nice salty note to the subtle flavor. We crumbled up some herb cheese and it was good, but if you love these two veggies then the cheese isn’t necessary.

There’s a bit left in the refrigerator, so I will try it room temperature and see what it’s like. And, if you are watching calories, the corn is the only “high ticket” item in the soup.

What really tickles me about this recipe is that the Deputy Editor of Eating Well turns out to be a little girl that I taught in Second Grade many years ago! How lovely to find her after all these years. Good job Jessie – I’m finding many recipes I like on your website.

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