Next Machine Quilting Project

I am near the end of the quilt I am machine quilting! I ran out of one thread color and have added that to my errand list for tomorrow. I found a fabric to use for the binding and can prepare that. And here is the quilt I will be quilting next!

This quilt is a sample I did for an Intermediate Quilt class I taught in 2005 to my ladies in Colorado. Each week we talked about a pattern family (nine patch, seven patch….) and the ladies learned how to draft that group. We also worked on more accurate piecing skills, designing, finishing and color choices. They were a wonderful group and there were several lovely quilts made. (Send me photos!) I pieced these squares along with them as demos and moved them to Illinois with me. Last year I thought I should offer this class again, so I pieced the squares together to finish the quilt. (And alas, everyone seems bent on using patterns and books and not knowing how to draft….) I just hung it on a wall where I can look at it from my desk and also as I iron, to ponder how I shall quilt it….

I had a hunch that I had a few pictures from that class – I just searched though my iPhoto files, which I really need to get onto discs or throw out, and look what I found!!! Here is the design wall (perhaps) at the end of the Intermediate class. Look at all the wonderful squares!

And here, I think, is Sherry’s quilt top.

So while I work at my desk or iron, I will be thinking of how to quilt the top. I just dug out some black batting and need to check the weight and size….

5 thoughts on “Next Machine Quilting Project

    • Thanks you all! I think part of the appeal of this quilt may also be the patterns; many are 5 or 7 patch squares. Since so many people don’t know how to draft; you don’t see them much. They are tricky to do but so eye catching.


  1. I left the contact info on my comment section of my blog for the crack stop. It’s bumpy to work on, but I quickly found if I held my Sharpie at an angle, my lines were smoother.


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