Animal Party Quilt Completed!

Yippee!  Another UFO is quilted!

I know it looks like a child’s quilt, but I think we will use it in our Summer scheme. Each Spring I put denim slip covers on the brown furniture and it looks nice, but plain. I made some patchwork pillows to throw on them and I thought this quilt would look fun too and be cozy on the many cool nights that Chicagoland has each Spring. We have no kids but I do like animal prints and this quilt mostly has bits of fabrics designed by Nancy Wolff. I love her quirky animals!

I (machine) quilted it way more than it needed to be quilted! I decided to use it as a blank canvas and practised. I did a different shape in each colored area; one for red, blue and yellow. In the white background I imagined cheese doodles….. the shape of them! My usual background doodles are spirals with pointy ends and I wanted to try to make the fat rounded ends of those sticky orange treats.

When I washed the quilt, I hung around to get it out of the washer as soon as the cycle ended. All the white in the background along with the reds and blues could have been a recipe for disaster – I didn’t want the wet fabrics to print on the background. I also put in a lot of Shout color catchers and look – – – holy smokes! That’s a lotta red!

While quilting away on Animal Party, I was thinking of my show and wondering if this quilt really belonged in it. I have been mulling over a possible theme for it, rather that “Gee, I Finished a Bunch of UFO’s”! And it came to me. I remembered that I had done a similar quilt for a great nephew….and that I might have two brown Colorado type quilts, two house quilts and two sampler quilts! I’m thinking of “Seeing Double”.  Sounds like a theme to me and makes a group that doesn’t really want to play with each other, relate. Yippee again!

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