Arashi Shibori Class!

I haven’t taught arashi shibori for some time and have been really looking forward to it. On Thursday some of the “Ladies Who Dye” as I call them, came for what I had planned to be a morning of wrapping. Turns out I underestimated the amount of time it would take to – catch up, demonstrate some techniques, wrap, prepare the dye buckets, etc! Luckily there is a sandwich place nearby so the ladies did not starve.

Arashi shibori is so lovely! For years I had admired it and “knew” how to do it from reading books and articles, but just never tried it. When I was able to take classes with Akemi Nakano Cohn, I jumped at the chance. She studied with many fiber artists in Japan and went to Cranbrook, so she is an expert.

The technique is not all that difficult and there are many variations. Frankly, each strip you dye is a one of a kind piece, never to be duplicated even if you wanted to. Strips of fabric are wrapped around a PVC pipe, so that they look like candy canes. Then thread, twine or dental floss is wrapped around the fabric and it is compressed. Two variations are: pushing the fabric straight down the pole or pushing with a twist. We used cotton, though the results are even more amazing with silks.

It’s fun to experiment with a variety of wrapping fibers, though the twine made Debbie sneeze so much she had to stop using it!

You need many hands when wrapping; it’s quite awkward when you are first learning. Barb has run out of hands….

And here is Beverly, overdyeing a surface design experiment that she didn’t like. When you are a dyer, anything that doesn’t please you can be overdyed, until you have a result you like!

Here are some pipes ready to put into the buckets and let the magic happen… Check in a few days for “the reveal”!

3 thoughts on “Arashi Shibori Class!

  1. I wish I had been in your class! Such fun! I took a silk scarf dyeing class once and the results were very impressive—even nice enough to give as gifts! Can’t wait to see the results of all your creativity!


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