A Pattern for the Fair- and one for you too!

There’s lots of rug hooking news today and a free pattern too!

Last Sunday my rug hooking group teamed up with another local guild and demonstrated at a nearby fair. After days and days of cool weather and buckets of rain, we had a lovely day. And a great display!

These photos were taken with my iPhone and I hope you can see what a great variety of work was displayed.

I had to take a project to hook and I am very tired of the clamshell rug. As it turns out I have to (really) make two small projects for a class I am taking at the ATHA show in Lancaster PA. We need to make a circular and square design and then we will learn how to attach braiding for the edge. I am very excited! It’s a technique you see a lot in hooked rugs from New England and I have long wanted to know how it’s done. Here’s the 6″ round one.

I thought it would be fun to make holiday designs and here’s the progress on the snowman piece. You can see lots of lines drawn on the linen as I can’t quite decide if he will have two lumps or three. With Schminky the quilt, it was all about the eyes. For a snowman, I am discovering it’s all about the carrot nose! I have started hooking a bit of background to see how the nose looks….though I am not sure what color background I will eventually use. I want the hat to be red, and perhaps the words as well, so the blue-green background may not be the final choice.

If you would like a copy of the Halloween pumpkin design, leave a message saying so and I will send you a PDF. For you hookers, I used a 4 cut as I wanted to get a lot of detail in. Obviously the design can be reduced for punch needle, or enlarged for a wider cut wool.

And to continue on the rug hooking topic, I taught primitive rug hooking on Saturday to 5 very fun ladies! They are seemed very anxious to learn this wonderful craft and had chosen some wonderful wool colors for their project. The first class is always crazy as there is so much information to go over and the technique to learn! I am hopeful that they may be “hooked” on hooking. Nancy’s grandmother was a hooker, so she has been thinking about really learning the craft for a long time.

Peggy was playing with colors to see what she liked.

Look at the fun orange plaid that Brenda is using!

5 thoughts on “A Pattern for the Fair- and one for you too!

    • The leopard and lion is a wonderful pattern for sure! I will have to ask the woman who hooked it, who the designer was it. I think she said it was her first hooked rug – obviously she has a way with color.


  1. Debbie,
    I’ll take a copy of the pumpkin design. Might be really cute for punch needle. Glad to hear there were 5 in the last class. I have the next class on my calendar, but won’t have my big rug done by then. I got more done this week, I just have to get some photos.


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