The Wool Studio Fall Festival

Today I am very close to Lancaster, but the event on my calendar was The Wool Studio Autumn Festival in West Reading PA. TWS is an Internet business selling the most beautiful “textured” wool for rug hookers. When hookers say textures we mean that the wool is plaid or striped, which when cut and hooked gives a rug a wonderful texture.

Rebecca Erb, the owner, invited some vendors and you can see the rugs hanging at the other end of the room. stacks!

The event is being held in her warehouse and I must admit that I was curious to see it. Look at all the bolts and ripped pieces of wool stacked up. It’s enough to make you want to sew a wool skirt, as well a start hooking a rug! Many people hooking rugs or doing wool appliqué don’t want to dye (yes,ha,ha!) and this very beautiful wool is designed to use as is. I do overdye the lighter colors but I love the darks for backgrounds; they are so rich.

(Please excuse the little hiccups in this post. I am using the WordPress app for my iPad and though it is much improved, I am still having some formatting issues. Here is the link to find out more about the Wool Studio)

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