The ATHA Biennial: Animals!

Hello! I am back home from all my meandering in Pennsylvania. I had planned to post photos of the wonderful ATHA Biennial show while I was there, but had second thoughts. As I was taking photos, I realized that I had groups or themes and that a grouping would make for a more interesting post; I am not fond of blogs that have many, many pictures with no comments. Also, I was using my iPad and I was having to go back and forth between WordPress and my photos, which was not convenient. So, here is my first “report”! It was a very nice gathering and show and I do thank all the people who planned it.

There were a great many animal themed rugs and so I thought I would start with them. This very beautiful cat piece was at the entrance to the show area. It had no information with it, which was too bad as it is such an amazing piece of work! If I had to guess from among the big deal hookers, I would say that it might have been done by Elizabeth Black. It was hooked in a fine-cut (3/32″?) on a background of wool. Please notice the wonderful whiskers!

Tuxedo was designed and hooked by Tracey Gillman. I particularly enjoyed this mat as Gizmo is a tuxedo cat as well. The background is hard to see because of the lighting, but it was a great texture.

Floral foxes was designed by Heavens to Betsy (they sell wonderful wool) and hooked by Marian Hall. It had great colors and movement. The blue background is a compliment to the oranges in the foxes and really makes the piece sing.

This charming piece is called As Good As It Gets and was designed and hooked by Elizabeth Marino. Look at the sweet face of the dog – doesn’t she capture his happy personality and love for her? And the shading with all those pale values is not easy to do and was skillfully done.

And I saved my favorite from the whole show for last! This piece is called The Thinker and was designed and hooked by Therese Shick. It is amazing – so realistic and full of rich colors. I liked the background as well, which also had a variety of colors but did not detract from the design.

I have found, when I am looking at rug designs, that the kind that appeal to me the most are the personal ones. When one is hooking their cat, or their home or using an old family photo as inspiration, their passion for the subject comes through. Kudos, ladies!

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