Happy Halloween from Louann!

I admit to being a cheater and using Louann’s wonderful Halloween quilt for my Happy Halloween post! I couldn’t resist! She works for The Golden Quilt Company in Colorado and is the resident expert on hand applique. When this great Halloween pattern from Pearl Piera came out, the shop owner asked her to make a few sample squares. Louann said that was all she was doing, but I wondered. (When I taught her I called her “The Finisher”!) And then came these photos of the whole quilt beautifully completed!

Be sure to click on the photographs to see all the beautiful applique and wonderful details. These owls are too cute with their vests and googly eyes.

This is the centerpiece square and it is full of incredible detail. All the candy pieces floating around make my mouth water and of course the witch and bats add the proper amount of spookiness.

If you have any questions to ask Louann about the techniques, or pattern or please post them. I am sure she will answer them!

Happy Halloween Louann, and thanks!

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