The International Quilt Festival!

Most of us call this show-of-shows, “Houston” or “Festival”. It is a huge and wonderful event – this picture, taken from the second floor of the convention center, shows you a part of the 900 + vendors! Isn’t it amazing? Unfortunately I don’t think there are windows above the area where the quilts hang, as that would be a beautiful sight. I did plan on writing at least one blog while I was actually there, but I was so busy and it takes some time and a network for me to blog on my iPad. Now I am at home, wondering what might be fun for you to see…. Quilts? There are many, many quilts and I took many, many pictures, but I will show you a sampling today. My favorite category lately has been “Art Pictoral”. Years ago it was my least favorite, but quilters are creating some amazing and unusual quilts. Just so that you understand this category, the quiltmakers must use “real” fabric. There are incredibly realistic quilts that are painted or use computer images and then quilted, but these are made using fabrics; either pieced or appliqued or fused. David Taylor is a gifted quilter who lives in Steamboat Springs, CO. Peter and I saw his second quilt at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum some years ago. We admired it, but his talent has grown with each new quilt he makes. I was really struck by this portrait. Can you see how many values he is able to get into this quilts? And it is so evocative of the landscape after a big snow. This is “Maynard”. You knew that I would have at least one cat quilt! I came around the corner of a row and here was this sweet kitty napping. It is called “Maximum Cat Nap” and was created by Susan Knapp of NC. Another cat struck me because of the design. “Out in the Garden” was created by Leslie Hall of FL. The cat is quite a beauty and the quilt is so elegant with its use of unusual colors and elegant shapes. And wow- don’t you love these guys? “Bay Bridge Series” was made by Nancy Brown of CA. She must have a bigger collection of browns that I do to render all these animals so realistically and if you do this sort of work, you probably never have enough. Now perhaps some of you non-quilters can see why we collect so many fabrics…. Peter (kindly) calls my stash my “palette”. It was a great show and I will report on my classes and other happenings. I must say that I’m really glad to be home and glad that it’s Sunday so I can sit and watch football and stitch! And think about all the great ideas that are buzzing around in my head….

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