More from IQA: Florals

This is a loose grouping of some more quilts. They were in several different categories at the show but they all have some sort of flowers in them, created in many different ways.

I took a Baltimore Album quilt class in the early 1990’s and I tend to whiz by those quilts at any show; sort of a been-there-done-that response. I did stop short at this one. Not only are the squares original and exquisite, but there is a dimension to it. Here is : “Mi Amor” by Margarete Heinisch of CA.

And here is one of the squares. Can you see that the lady’s skirt isn’t flat?

And I am generally not a fan of roses, but when they are done well, it’s impressive! Do notice, in this wonderfully made square, that the quiltmaker doesn’t take it too seriously – do you see the circle of bugs in the center? Very fun!

Here is a quilt by IL quiltmaker, Anne Lullie. It’s called “Flaming Mandelas”. This is a fused quilt. She designs and makes very stylish quilts, full of color.

Right next to it was a very bright and beautiful piece. This is “Spring Nouveau” by Heidi Lund of WA.

My floral category is a stretch for this quilt, but…. This is “Chromatic Transitions” by Rachel Wetzler of IL. The theme of this is certainly color. There is so much of it and she handled it so well. I also like the movement.

And I’m ending with a quilt with an unusual design. I really like this – I can’t say what it makes me think of, but it really stood out to me on the long walls of quilts. It’s called “B.S. I Love You” and it was designed and made by Jane Stone of KS.

And this ends the quilt show part of the IQA report!  ;-D

3 thoughts on “More from IQA: Florals

  1. All of these are incredible. That first one is extraordinary with all of the details in each block. All I can say is, WOW! What a treat you have given us with all of these! Just incredible…and so much color!


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