Back to Work

I have had two wonderful, overstimulating trips too close together! My studio floor is littered with supplies from classes I took, new wool which needs to be washed, and all sorts of goodies. And what I think about is the date and – tick – tick – tick – my quilt show needs to be hung on January 2nd! So – I am continuing to machine and hand quilt the sampler quilts. I am really bored with the hand quilted one. I think I have one or two more nights until I will finish it. Then to binding and the real finish!

The machine quilting is going pretty well, but I have run into a few problems. I have not done a lot of machine applique and have so much to learn. When I came to this Dresden Plate square, the points were so floppy. Can you see? Not an enormous thing, I guess, but I felt I should have sewed them closer to the edge.

While I quilted another square, I thought about it and decided that I would sew closer to the edge and pull out the old stitches. It was easy enough to do. I am curious to see what happens to the piece when I wash it. Will it pooch or gather because the stitches are “quilting” stitches and not applique stitches?

I think the design of this eight pointed star looks great, but boy does it have a nasty middle! This little mess I have yet to deal with. This star has two fabrics in each point, which means that 16 seams converge in the middle. I poked and prodded and pressed as hard as I could, but it still wasn’t great looking. I thought I could correct it when I machine quilted…huh. Now I am thinking I should have tried to hand sew the middle together before quilting. Too late for that. As you can see, I machine quilted a small star towards the middle and my plan of the moment is to do a stipple in that middle area. It may disguise the hole, but more importantly should keep it from popping open at some later date. Other thoughts?

Time is indeed marching on….the witches and pumpkins have found their way back upstairs and the turkeys are gobbling around the house! The man who plows our driveway called to see if we still wanted him to come, there were snow showers yesterday and I just put the winter quilt and flannel sheets on the bed………..

2 thoughts on “Back to Work

  1. I think your Dresden Plate will be fine with the machine quilting closer to the points. The other star reminds me of my kaleidoscope which had 12 fabrics converging in the middle. If you are not happy after stippling, perhaps you could find a small decorative button.


  2. Good luck on getting everything finished in time for your show. These are such vivid colors and you know I love color. For the eight-pointed star, I would probably try a covered button or small circle but a decorative button would work, too. Weather wise, we will be back in the 80s this week so I envy your snow showers. Good luck, again.


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