Cyber Monday Ideas!

I thought it would be a good time of year to share some shopping sites that I very much like. They all have to do with personalization.

One of my favorite websites is My Own Labels! I have been ordering labels from them for years and they keep coming up with such creative ideas. The ones I have used the most are for jar lids and other food gifts. You can personalize labels for anniversaries, weddings, for your favorite beer maker or personalized CD’s. Be sure to check all the categories; even if a wedding isn’t in your future, there are some cute ones there. These are some of the labels I have made over the years.

Another company is the very wonderful Felix Doolittle. Felix creates very beautiful watercolor paintings that are made into recipe cards, address labels, paperweights and more. They are elegant and on the expensive side, printed on very nice paper, but I am on their mailing list and they often have sales. But really – shouldn’t you treat yourself?

And here’s a very unique personalization – – – your very own postage stamps! There used to be only one spot that was authorized by the Postal Service, but there seem to be several now. This one came up from a very old link I had on my website. It’s easy-peasy, you simply pick a photo to upload and you’re done! There’s a download for Mac users to make it all even easier. And – you can add borders and custom colors! It’s a great gift. The Christmas after Peter and I went to India, I made stamps with the picture of us in Indian dress, below. I never really heard if people noticed, but it tickled me to see “us” on an envelope.

Shutterfly is one of many places where you can create photo cards, but did you know that you can make memo pads, calendars, mouse pads and many other unusual gifts? The amazing Indian trip that we took was planned by friends of ours and for a thank you gift, I made a calendar with pictures taken during our trip. They were absolutely delighted with it and showed it to everyone they knew. And I bet they still have it. I made a nostalgic one for my brother several years ago, with old family photos that my father had taken. It was a big hit. And I did a travel one for Peter one Christmas, complete with Indian dancing ladies!

This is a late breaking addition! I have just ordered from this company and am anxiously awaiting my goodies. I saw a blurb about them in a magazine I was flipping through recently. They are called and they do printing….on business cards, stickers, rounded business cards and …mini cards. Mini cards are half of a business card – the size is interesting and as well as cards to pass out, they will make great gift tags. What is amazing about this site is that you can print up to 100 of  your own images on 100 cards!!! I don’t know how they do it. I uploaded 10 images of my various fiber arts and then filled in the contact info I wanted on the back. I also did some Christmas images and plan to use those as gift tags, with Merry Christmas on the back and a hole punched in the end. They have cases and frames to store these little guys in and I bet there is a whole culture of trading mini  business cards. The rounded business cards looked interesting as well. I learned from a friend in the freelance illustration business years ago, that having an odd shaped card is a plus. Peter would disagree from a more traditional business point of view, but I figure the half cards sort of splits the difference! Anyway, it’s a very cool site.

I hope you have fun with this list! Happy Cyber Monday!

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