Christmas Baby Blocks

Santas and snowman and nutcrackers are making their way out of the closets and into the house. I have a lotta stuff {;-D} and it’s not practical to drag everything out at once! Certain Santas come out very quickly; I love the cooking one below; and things like quilts and wreaths are easy to  get hung up in their traditional places.

One of my favorite quilts is the baby block nine patch at the top of the post. For those of you wanting to make a last-minute gift or decoration, it’s a pretty simple quilt. This pattern is also called tumbling blocks and it can be a daunting design. It is made up of 60 degree diamonds and you need to play with the values (using light, medium and dark fabrics) to get a dimensional effect. This design variation is made by sewing just one block and sewing it onto a background square and it’s just fun! In this quilt I wanted to use Christmas novelty fabrics for the top of the block, so I made it pretty big – 3″ on a side. I also played with the background colors; you can see above that I got a sort of checkerboard effect using lights and darks. But really, I just enjoyed playing with fabrics, especially all the fun Christmas ones I have collected. I have made several quilts like this for my great nephews. It’s a great graphic quilt for a child’s room and you can get really clever with it if you choose. Make all the diamonds green and use a giraffe on the top of the square…..hmmmmm….

I hand pieced the baby blocks and hand appliquéd them on the squares (which are cut 8″). No groaning, it really isn’t much work! But having said that I would probably machine appliqué them on now. I also hand quilted it. Remember, I like to work in front of the TV and this is a perfect project for that.

Ho! Ho! Ho! I hear some Santas calling my name….time to go!


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