The First Year…..

Today marks a year since I began this blog! I had no idea what I was doing; just that I wanted to try it out. Every Christmas when I was a little girl, Santa would give me a Diary with a lock. I was always excited to write down my thoughts and quite enamored of that tiny key. Once I opened the book, I felt self-conscious writing “Dear Diary” even though I knew no one would read it. And I don’t think I ever got much beyond January entries. This is so much more fun. I know that many of you read my musings and that makes all the difference!

I had planned a giveaway, but it’s a busy time of year and I’m not home! I thought I would postpone it until January when a treat might be in order. Thanks to all of you who subscribe and read and particularly to those who take the time to comment. I really appreciate it.

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