Howdy from Santa Fe!

We love Santa Fe! When we lived in Colorado we drove down here quite often. Because Peter has been traveling so much, we decided a few months ago that we needed some R&R and chose Santa Fe as our getaway spot.

This may or may not be a good time to come! Part of our reasoning was that it would be a quiet week here since schools are still in session, and that seems to be the case. It is a critical December week though, and much to Peter’s dismay, I tucked the Christmas cards in my suitcase. It’s this week or never – he leaves for Arizona the day after we get home!

It is wonderfully Christmasy here! Here’s the plaza during the day (and snow was just starting to fall).

Here is the plaza last night with the rain coming down!

There are chilies everywhere, to display and to eat!

And we can’t resist the chips!!!

We sure know we aren’t in the flat Midwest…..isn’t this a beautiful mountain range?


8 thoughts on “Howdy from Santa Fe!

  1. It sure doesn’t look like here! We’ve had so much rain today, but I can’t complain. If it were snow, we would have had roughly 15 inches of snow! =) (i haven’t even started Christmas card yet, or taken the kids’ photo for them)


    • The day ended with snow pellets – I guess it was really hail but they weren’t icy. It was beautiful to see them coming down in the dark sky. Bev, you must come, therre’s so much creativity and amazing Southwest color!


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