We Love Christmas!

You may not know this but Christmas is one of the best holidays for cats. There’s so much to do!

Presents need wrapping.

There are shipping boxes to investigate…

…lots of them! We really don’t understand why so many…

And the cheeky squirrels! Do they never stop being annoying and yet so enticing?

Deb quilts, no matter what the holiday and this quilt needs to get a binding and a hanging sleeve pronto!

We like to fight about who gets to sleep on the quilts.

Despite all the hustle and bustle, one must keep oneself clean at this special time of the year.

And we got a cat pod from Santa. It is The Perfect Bed!

The problem is that we don’t like to share…..

We hope you had a fun Christmas too!

xox Jasmine & Gizmo

3 thoughts on “We Love Christmas!

  1. It is so fun to see your cats in their playful mode. And, what’s up with the squirrel? That is wild? We have so many squirrels but they do not usually come close to the house. I think Simon would break the glass if he saw one that close. Hope you had a nice Christmas!


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