Seeing Double quilt show

My show is hung! Yippee!!! What a fun thing to do on Monday, the first official day of the new year. And what a relief! I have spent the last year thinking and quilting and worrying. I’m not sure why I did so much worrying, but I was concerned about a theme for this show. I did not make any quilts specifically for it, but I finished quilting several tops, and I was mulling over how to make these quilts “work” with each other. (Four of the quilts are new and four are old; I guess that’s not bad.) I came up with  variety of titles, like 2 by 2 and Duplicates, but Seeing Double seemed like the best one. As I thought about all my quilts, I could also have designed a show around triplicates; when I like a quilt pattern I often repeat it and since I teach, I make a lot of samples.

Since this is the second show I have had at the library, we are pretty organized. Here is the car ready to go.

This is the empty wall of the library’s auditorium. Looks like lots of room –

– but the quilts fill it up! I like this wall of samplers. I think people, particularly kids, will enjoy finding the squares that are the same in the quilts on this wall. The bright one on the left is my latest quilt, and the dark one that’s hard to see is my very first one.

Here is the opposite wall. This one looks less put together, since it has the “brown” quilts and the hand appliquéd ones. Peter’s comment on my dithering about how to make the quilts relate to each other was that all the quilts are useable and made to be enjoyed up close and personal. He’s not a big fan of art quilts!

And I must say thanks to my very DH Peter! Long story, but he is the reason that the librarian in charge of shows found me. He is so supportive and positive when I am discouraged or overwhelmed and always makes time to help me. We came up with the technique for hanging the quilts for the last show, but he gets out his tape measure and nippers and drill and makes sure all the hangers are perfectly prepared. And then he patiently waits for me to squint at the quilt and say “up” or “down” or “crooked” and he fixes it. And of course, though I consider myself to be a working Fiber Artist, in reality I make a pittance and so he is my Patron as well! {xox}

Should you be local and want to visit the show, you need to check the Morton Grove Public Library site. If there is a program in the Baxter Room, then it will be hard to see the quilts. And if you would like to look at the quilts close up, I have updated my website.

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