Back to Work : Quilting UFOs

So much to do…so little time! It’s a blessing and a curse to have so many projects/ideas/dreams in one’s head. My favorite thing to do is to start a new project ( I get that from my mother!) but I dug around this morning and decided to pull out some projects that are underway and deserve to be completed. I generally hook at night so I need a daytime project or two. I’ve had a cold this week and haven’t had much energy, but after my morning coffee I started to dig around the studio.

Here is the machine quilting UFO that I selected! It’s been completed and on my design wall since I made it in a class with Caryl Fallert. I am a great fan of her work, particularly her feathers series and I jumped at the chance to take this class. I think it will be fun to quilt (and so small!) and then I look forward to washing it as it’s a mess. We did her glueing/fusing technique and I ended up using gobs of glue because the fabrics didn’t seem to want to have the freezer paper ironed on them. There were long lines in the halls where the irons were and glue worked better anyway. I am thinking of adding a little border and a tiny binding as my edge is ripply.

Here are the fabrics I picked out as possibilities. The orange one would be the tiny accent binding.

After lunch I looked at the selections and have sewn the swirly green to the feather top. It’s nice to see the raggedy edges gone! The blue next to all the blue in the background was too much, so I plan to use it as the binding with the orange in between. I found a fun butterfly backing, some threads and I am ready to quilt!

P.S. I just read about the Free Motion Machine Quilting Challenge from Diane Gaudynski’s blog (see image on the right border). It is being sponsored by SewCalGal and I think it’s a wonderful idea! I do so want to create beautiful machine quilting on my tops and perhaps this will be the inspiration and help I need.

And as a follow-up P.P.S. to another post: I love my new Moo cards! They are really cute and I like having a selection of cards to hand out. The cards on the center bottom are the business cards with a bit of info printed on the back. Top left are the Christmas tags and just have Merry Christmas on the back. Top right are gift tags. They have Happy on them. It is tricky to find photos that can be cut in half and some were more successful than others, but it’s all good fun!

One thought on “Back to Work : Quilting UFOs

  1. Ooh, I love the Fallert piece. Did you take the class when you were in Houston this past November? Can’t wait to see it finished. Congrats on pulling out this beautiful UFO. It deserves to be displayed.


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