Library Quilt Class!

Where did January go??? It’s hard to believe that February starts this week. Saturday was the day that Peter and I took down my quilt show. It was a few days early, but he is away this week on a business trip and he’s my main man for quilt show assistance.

And as part of my agreement with the Morton Grove Public Library, I taught a quilting class there on Saturday. I provide each student with a kit, so I started cutting fabrics on Tuesday. The class limit is 20, so even though I used a rotary cutter, it was a lot of cutting. (Normally I make all the fabrics the same, but I didn’t have enough of  any one fabric, so there were a variety of fabric combinations to choose from.) Then the sewing lines need to be marked, which is a good job to do while watching T.V. An important part of the kit is a piece of felt with a few pins and a threaded needle, so there is a lot to prepare.

Here is the room, set up for 20 students. 20 is a big class…

Thanks so much to Nancy, coordinator of programs, (standing in red and black) for asking me to have a show and teach a class. She plans many fun and interesting activities and makes the library an important part of many people’s lives.

After making the rounds of both tables and showing each person how to sew a seam, it’s wonderful to take a moment and see everyone working away – – – before someone needs help.

It’s fun to see the ladies interact with each other, and perhaps some new “quilty” friends are being made!

As the ladies finished piecing their hexes, they pressed the seams at the pressing table in the back of the picture.

And then the real fun begins! I usually teach just a plain Grandmother’s Flower Garden sort of shape, but the library has a devoted following for this monthly crafts class and I figured that some of the ladies I taught several years ago would come, so I needed to tweak my project. I decided on a half hexagon, which is a fun variation.

How to put the pieced pieces together??? And should she choose a different middle fabric? I usually cut middles out and then have each person choose the one they like and then mark the sewing lines. This gives them some idea of the piecing process and makes their project unique.

And just when I thought I had seen all the combinations for half hex designs, someone came up with a new one!

It often happens in a class like this that there are Nervous Nellys  who moan and people saying “I can’t sew” or “that looks complicated”. I was a bit worried that sewing the two seams together to make a hexagon and then sewing a flower shape might be too much for a 2 hour session. But wow – most of the ladies completed their flower or came close too it. And there were some very lovely seams sewn, with even and small stitches. I had some extra packets, which were snapped up and I wish I’d made more. Thanks to all you MGPL ladies – you were great!!!

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